A Beautiful Monkey

A monkey to be beautiful, really?

Is not such a notion completely silly?


Known for the feces they throw,

And away with your food they go.


Unscrupulous, of morality they are devoid,

Them the visitors in Vrindavana told to avoid.


But with one monkey this is not true,

Who with a single leap to Lanka flew.


In fearless work for Shri Rama to shine,

Shri Hanuman, that kind savior of mine.


Of his divine vision enough mind cannot get,

On that beautiful servant your eyes always set.


Worn Out Being Afraid

This mind daily crippled by fear,

Away from divine life it steers.


Instead towards complacency run,

Find safety from pressures undone.


But this surely is no way to live,

Service to God man is meant to give.


Just think of Hanuman and remove all doubt,

In mind never Sita and Rama lives without.


From his vision no longer be dismayed,

Wear out always being afraid.


To say Hanuman, worship Hanuman, not complicated.

To glorifying him may this life be dedicated.

What Hanuman Does

Hanuman lifts mountains with his hand,

He builds bridges with the monkeys of a band.


Hanuman infiltrates Lanka with courage,

His resolve the Rakshasas never can discourage.


Hanuman with the enemy spoils for a fight,

Burns Ravana’s opulent town before his return flight.


Hanuman with monkeys on Rakshasas mounts an attack,

So trusted that in fight carries Lakshmana on his back.


Hanuman chants the glories of Rama every day,

Keeps also Sita in mind, in his heart they stay.

A Truth Detector

His evil brother Ravana Vibhishana did forsake,

His knowledge and wisdom now for Rama to take.


Approached the Lord, who at the time shore’s resident,

To accept him in their camp the monkeys were hesitant.


Like a good leader, His counselors Rama polled,

Of Vibhishana’s good qualities then Hanuman told.


Previously in Lanka Hanuman had spied,

Saw Vibhishana’s goodness with his own eyes.


By Hanuman all good gestures towards Rama are repaid,

Through him Lord’s acceptance of Rakshasa made.


My wickedness and vices from Hanuman I can’t hide,

Yet I still hope that in my heart he’ll always reside.

Roam In The Mind

Sweetness of Hanuman’s mind imagine you cannot,

Full faith and reliance on Shri Rama he has got.


Pastimes of Lord daily he recalls,

From elation his hairs on end stand tall.


Don’t think that from this he ever does tire,

Always burning strong is his devotional fire.


Though I understand to ask is not proper,

One thing that I hope to me he can offer.


Shri Hanuman, beloved of Rama, in my mind please stay,

Feel as an exalted guest, on its field do you play.


Only then will my fears and anguish subside,

For in you all good qualities do reside.

Hanuman In The Temple

Imposing figure in the mandir stands,

Tall in stature holding mountain in his hand.


Shows what he did for Lakshmana to save,

Carried herbs of life, courage he displayed.


With that form up I like to gaze,

In appreciation seated below I stay.


Even if I am in worst mood tis of no matter,

By worshiping that hero immediately I feel better.


From that attention I pray this world will not distract,

The bliss from Hanuman’s vision let me fully extract.

Always Figuring It Out

Ordered by Sugriva to greet unknown princes he goes,

How to mask shape and art of diplomacy he knows.


Then later to search for Rama’s missing wife sent,

Overcoming obstacles in path into Lanka he went.


When finally spotting Sita ahead in his way,

Determined initial approach, knew just what to say.


When abandoning his brother to Rama Vibhishana turned,

Monkeys uncertain but his sincerity Hanuman affirmed.


In pleasing his friends Hanuman always succeeds,

But in praising him properly I don’t know how to proceed.


A keen observer, what’s in one’s heart he can detect.

I hope that this humble offering my dearest Hanuman accepts.

My Guide

In such a strange world always feeling blue,

Who will help me, show me what to do?


Everyone has their obligations, their family,

But only loneliness, repetition of days for me.


Does this mean I should give up and quit,

Forego happiness, not try even a bit?


Though seemingly I’m not in a good state,

I have someone to help me, keeper of Rama’s gate.


His name is Hanuman and he is God’s friend,

Towards remembering his pastimes I tend.


Though in this life I am constantly lost,

His company I will never give up, not at any cost.


Hanuman is my cherished, my precious guide,

No care for my residence, as long as in mind by his side.

Hanuman’s Qualities

Though having the form of a monkey,

Endowed with divine qualities is he.

Of the three primary Vedas he is a knower,

Of service and kindness to his friends he is a giver.

In strength there is none like him,

Can make himself very large on a whim,

Ancient system of yoga he has mastered,

Every siddhi and ability he has covered.

In speaking flawless is his presentation,

Can compose Sanskrit verses without hesitation.

But in devotion is where he really stands out,

That he loves Rama purely there is no doubt.

Hanuman and his kindness do always shine,

May he always captivate this heart of mine.

The Kindest of Sweethearts

I offer up this poem like a symbolic wreath,

To that hero whose disposition always in peace.

Many portraits of him have been painted,

With the different scenes I am acquainted.

In some a mountain in his hand he does hold,

While in others he flies through the sky so bold.

In rage he set fire to the city of Lanka,

For her king had sinned against the beloved Sita.

Yet of all his images I like one particular pose,

Where he sits peacefully, looking beautiful like a rose.

Day after day names of Sita and Rama he chants,

The kindest of sweethearts, forget him I can’t.

Of Shri Rama my dear Hanuman always thinks,

May I honor him who to Rama’s kingdom is the link.