Hanuman’s Kindness – 1

Without Hanuman where would I be?

Only misery through illusion I’d see.


His example of devotion I securely hold,

Watching his pastimes in Ramayana unfold.


Obviously his work for Rama to please,

But also my doubts and fears they ease.


To win his favor not difficult play,

Just with love Rama’s name say.


Unmatched is Hanuman’s kindness,

Honor him to finally cure your blindness.


Hanuman’s Strength – 9

An entire city against which to fight,

Such a formidable task not to take light.


From the challenge Hanuman not to back away,

In combat against enemies he’d stay.


Force of Rama his strength showed,

Who revenge to Rakshasas owed.


Hanuman to make the first strike,

To reveal what lay in future’s sight.


One strong man against many,

Their force to not make a dent any.


Because in Hanuman strength is found,

So much so that mind it does astound.


Easy it is for me to believe,

Because orders from Rama Hanuman received.

Hanuman’s Strength – 8

“A fool of me you’re trying to make,

A mountain a monkey can really take?


Is not this a story from mind concocted,

So for lessons teaching in tradition adopted?


No, this strength is real,

Has power even today to heal.


Just as he grabbed mountain in emergency,

He’ll rescue you with utmost urgency.


From devotion to Rama his strength comes,

Immense might puts enemies on the run.

Hanuman’s Strength – 7

What can the fiendish Rakshasas do?

For the strongest in the world are you.


The mighty ocean with a leap you crossed,

To search for Sita who was lost.


When to Kishkindha led their track,

You took Rama and Lakshmana on your back.


In final battle you played an integral part,

Thorn in Ravana’s side from end to start.


When in trouble I know that you’re there,

With your strength my worries you’ll tear.


I know there is a God because of you,

And so I worship Rama and Sita too.


I know for them you’ll go to any length,

And success assured by your immeasurable strength.

Hanuman’s Strength – 6

His strength not just in use of force,

But also in directing mind’s course.


From Gita learning that thoughts go adrift,

Can be source of pain as well as a gift.


Hanuman’s mind on task at hand did stay,

His dedication frustration not to sway.


Only one who was truly strong,

Could continue searching for so long.


With that mental fortitude,

For finding Sita living in solitude.


In his strength Shri Rama trusts,

So worship of Hanuman for me is a must.

Hanuman’s Strength – 5

When into trouble Lakshmana falls,

Out to Hanuman go the calls.


“Sanjivani herb you must find,

Quickly return with it in time.”


No success even after searching mountain’s land,

No other option but to carry everything in hand.


This image many in the world have seen,

Hanuman’s strength evident from that scene.


If Lakshmana trusts him so should you,

Bringing devotion to Rama, saving your life too.

Hanuman’s Strength – 4

Hanuman also with strength of emotion,

Seen when carrying out mission of devotion.


How when vision of Sita he did take,

His heart of sadness did not break?


Because to find her he was sent,

With Rama’s ring to Lanka he went.


The Lord not to pick someone who was weak,

Otherwise by obstacles to find defeat.


Firm in resolve, sadness aside to toss,

Hanuman to reach Sita at any cost.

Hanuman’s Strength – 3

When countering fierce enemy attack,

Rama and Lakshmana ride on his back.


Arrows from perch they launch,

Knowing that his position staunch.


Strength in combat with foes a must,

And in Hanuman so much the brothers trust.


An ideal servant with immeasurable strength,

For pleasing Rama ready to go any length.


On that friend’s strength I rely,

When to serve Rama I myself try.

Hanuman’s Strength – 2

Down from Rishyamukha he went,

By leader Sugriva he was sent.


Brothers Rama and Lakshmana he met,

Their purpose in forest to get.


Meeting with Sugriva to arrange,

Who too from wife was estranged.


Though Sugriva residing high on mountain’s top,

Not so easy for Hanuman’s will to stop.


On his back brothers took their seat,

Reached Sugriva through his giant leap.