He is the Wisest

So popular the Ramayana that it spawns many a tradition,

In one says that at end of war, Ravana did Lakshmana petition.


The vile king, his business always the saints to deceive,

Lakshmana took advice from him? That I cannot believe.


The emblem of devotion and knowledge is the brother of Shri Rama,

What could anyone teach him? Eternally wise the son of Sumitra.


During the fight in Lanka, Ravana dealt to Lakshmana a blow,

Seeing him lying on the ground, king tried to bring him in tow.


Lakshmana forever brilliant, while Ravana’s knowledge always dim,

So Lakshmana would not budge, king could not even move him.


Not a thing of this world to Shri Lakshmana is unknown,

Rama’s constant protector, complete knowledge he owns.


The enemies of the world, the Ravanas of today,

Listen to my advice, hear what I have to say.


Of all to have graced this earth, than Shri Lakshmana none more glorious,

Honor that beloved brother, and in life’s mission be victorious.


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