So Fortunate

Of Sita’s glories there are not but one,
An end to her virtues certainly none.

Gentle behavior, of disposition sweet,
As perfect wife with her husband to meet.

Idea of simple woman remove from your mind,
Know that immeasurable intelligence in her to find.

So fortunate that her name I can say,
In this life for me no other way.


Help Them

If only braver then I could lead,

Spiritual knowledge to friends to feed.


Troubles greatly to see them in pain,

When knowing myself life’s highest gain.


Their pain to pleasure wish I could convert.

But sadly crippled by nature of introvert.


So instead only to write and write,

Lord, deliver them with holy name’s sight.


Cowering in fear, this timidity I regret,

Hopefully from words enlightenment to get.


Bhakti your true devotees fearlessly teach,

I pray their message to loved ones can reach.

Garland of Flowers

Known to all as symbol of peace,

From presence alone tensions to cease.


Men offer it after committing blunder,

So wrath of women to not be under.


When portrait of Krishna you perhaps check,

To see garland of flowers around His neck.


Devotees this to the Lord give,

Thinking of Him always they live.


Garland the beautiful picture completes,

With this divine vision nothing to compete.