Not To Miss The Chance

To the left of husband to stand,
In peace holding a flower in her hand.

Peeking at Shri Hanuman below,
Their greatest devotee she knows.

Like her in beauty none there are,
Loves Rama whether near or far.

Shows her devotion in even trying circumstance,
To honor her today I will not miss the chance.


The Best Wife

Manliness in men,

Chastity in women.


These qualities the respective to test,

To see if one stands above the rest.


Wife of Shri Rama the most chaste,

Not a thought on any other to waste.


How good this makes Him feel?

Indebtedness to her automatically to seal.


Never a worry that she will ever waver,

So Rama her company always to savor.


Such devotion brings warmth to my heart,

Remembering Sita for day best way to start.

So Fortunate

Of Sita’s glories there are not but one,
An end to her virtues certainly none.

Gentle behavior, of disposition sweet,
As perfect wife with her husband to meet.

Idea of simple woman remove from your mind,
Know that immeasurable intelligence in her to find.

So fortunate that her name I can say,
In this life for me no other way.

No Limit

All good qualities in her to sit,

Thus for glorification no limit.


With others time spent what to happen?

Even friendship and love do sadden.


The glories of Sita can sing day after day,

My favorite of all, dare I may say.


From her Rama as most fortunate to register,

Nowhere in universe a wife of such caliber.

Say Sita

Why to others do you go,

They can’t help, don’t you know?


Beloved Janaki for you is always there,

Whether happy or pulling out your hair.


When a child her name you once called out,

In innocence just for her name to hear.

Now all sorts of rubbish words fill your mouth,

And over personal troubles instead you fear.


Take same spirit and turn it around,

Think of Rama’s beloved every day.

Bask in the sweetness of that sound,

With same innocence Sita always say.

My Favorite

So many to worship, what to do?

Divine figures they are, quite benevolent too.


But of them all, Sita Devi is my favorite.

I need no other, for me she is it.


Beautiful and lovely, and kind and sweet.

Devoted to husband, next to Rama her seat.


I love her the most, may all others forgive.

Her kindness overcomes me, to honor her I live.

The News Today

Have you heard the news today,

Of how Janaka plans to give his daughter away?


More pious than that king none is there,

And now he plans a ceremony for Sita so fair.


To lift Lord Shiva’s bow is the contest,

A prince’s valor and strength it will test.


Gather round the family for the travel,

In this rare occasion let our entire clan marvel.


Even if we don’t win it won’t be a waste,

Divine vision of Sita our eyes will taste.

Treasure of Association

As pillar of devotion she is strong and stout,

For Rama’s bhakta’s interests she looks out.


With gentle demeanor and smiling face,

Devotees with delightful blessings to grace.


That she is the goddess of fortune very well I know,

But not for her gifts does my devotion to her grow.


My beloved’s heart she does own,

So much that His love for her has only grown.


Though I know Sita can fulfill any desire,

I ask only for ability to feed devotion’s fire.


Whether she gives me fortune or not,

Remembering her I will never stop.


She is Rama’s sweetheart, His source of pleasure,

Her association through name I daily do treasure.

Breaking the Mold

Sita’s family ancestry is the highest,

Daughter in royal family of Janaka the king.

She follows always the path of the pious,

Her beauty like the creeper fully blossoming.


Her form so wonderful who can understand,

Just how it came to be, from where did she land.


Lord Brahma must have personally made her,

Using his mind, divine ingredients to stir.


Of course Sita did not take birth,

For Janaka found her in the earth.


But describing her beauty is the poet’s game,

So we say that from Brahma’s mind she came.


Such a wonderful sight is she to behold,

That when they made her, they surely broke the mold.

Better Than All the Rest

When her husband Rama she meets,

Carrying a smile on her face she greets.


This vision gives Rama the most pleasure,

Her company He forever treasures.


Rama is the most renounced,

But with Sita His joy is pronounced.


Rama’s resolve is strong like steel,

Yet heart melted by love for Sita He feels.


In her not a sin will you find,

She is honest, beautiful and kind.


With her actions her husband she binds,

In a bond of love, unimaginable to the mind.


At pleasing Rama she is the best,

I honor her daily, foregoing all the rest.