Reminding Me Not To Think

Tomorrow I will go that way,

A new plan for a new day.


Thereafter think of the next,

To chart the course for the rest.


With this way of Rama you won’t think,

And transcendental nectar not to drink.


This is good for you, how?

Urgency for bhakti there is now.


Plan instead in such a way,

That throughout each and every day,

Of Shri Rama you’re forced to think,

And thus no more in despair to sink.


To remember Him is the key,

Chant His names and this you’ll see.


My Best Friend

In assembly of devotees safe you’d think,

Transcendental talk for the ears to drink.


But even here find that they will annoy,

Their politics and gossip take away your joy.


But not Tulsidas, my dearest friend,

His nectarean poems my troubles to end.


Through him God I can see,

So consider how superior is he.


In times of trouble to my friend I go,

Waiting to warm my heart ever so.


So many new adventures I tried,

Thought worth going for the ride.


But after a while lost appeal,

Thrill of excitement no more to feel.


Bhakti-yoga for me not the same,

Interest in it has yet to wane.


Of all processes for me is unique,

Has granted me the pleasure I seek.


Taken together can mean only one thing,

That real pleasure when Krishna’s names to sing.