Auspicious and Inauspicious

Wedding and rituals on appropriate day,
Following time and circumstance way.

As thief open door auspicious for me,
But for homeowner bad sign to be.

Duality in this world everything in,
But not for bhakti, beyond piety and sin.

Even pain pleasurable can become,
And devotion through antagonism done.


Against Time

Losing battle against time to wage,

Body now aching more with age.


So much already transpired,

Left bewildered and feeling tired.


Still a hope there is for you,

The beautiful one of bluish hue.


With flute standing and smile showing,

The cure for your troubles He’s knowing.

Cold In The Summer

Welcomed is the summer heat,

But still cold sitting at your seat.


Since that one you have forgotten,

Constant despair has begotten.


Let His heat shine in your heart bright,

He whom effusing Brahman’s light.


Going past and His beautiful form see,

All-attractive and full of sweetness is He.

Easy To Lament

Just as it comes then it goes,

How long to stay no one knows.


Though for occupying things considerable,

This world both temporary and miserable.


That thing of permanence just find,

And then keep it always in mind.


The one the life of everything living,

To Him your full attention now giving.