Auspicious Invocation

On singing about marriage to embark,

Of Sita and Rama, sentiments from the heart.


So that story in right way he can tell,

Poet invokes names of devas to help.


Because seed of devotion comes from spiritual master,

At his lotus feet Tulsidas first to offer.


To ensure that obstacles are removed,

Honor Ganesha, path for devoted is smoothed.


Worship Uma with Shankara to her right,

In hearing of Sita and Rama they delight.


Since desire to write song in heart yearning,

Worshiped Sarasvati, goddess of learning.


Also honored Brihaspati, the lord of speech,

And Shesha, Shuka and saints, Vedas they teach.


Devotion to Vishnu knowledge does it feed,

To worship others one does not need.


But Tulsidas offers invocation out of respect,

For humble soul success in devotion we expect.



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