What To Give

Picture a person who has everything,

For no wealth is he at all longing.


Then to another admits that nothing can give,

For how to repay knowledge on how to live?


This situation long time ago occurred for real,

Vishvamitra king’s son for a moment wanted to steal.


To brahmanas Dasharatha never could say no,

So with Vishvamitra eldest son Rama did go.


Lakshmana, devoted brother took with Him,

In Janakpur hand of Sita Devi to win.

Doing Good Work

One person sick patients to heal,
Another towards deity to kneel.

Which doing welfare work more,
What benefit to others when God to adore?

Actually, possibility of feeding a snake,
Rejuvenated then havoc on others to make.

Source of all misery from God forgetting,
Path to bliss only from devotees getting.