Jaya Mala

From around the world today many famous princes to arrive,

In this city of Janakpur, to go home married they strive.


To lift the illustrious bow of Lord Shiva they wish to try,

Yet one after another they fail, the bow not even to pry.


Finally the Lord of Tulsidas approaches the plate,

He of beautiful appearance and most charming gait.


Lifting that bow of Shiva and breaking it in the twinkling of an eye,

To their chances of winning Sita princes waving goodbye.


So heavy the bow that enormous was the sound,

In upper and lower worlds, in all spheres to redound.


Shri Rama, Lord of Vaikuntha, has won Sita Devi’s hand in marriage,

The energy and energetic, united at last, ready the horse and carriage.


Around her husband’s neck garland of victory to place,

Sita Devi now belonging to Rama, He of moonlike face.


With breaking of the bow, their marriage today to start,

May Sita and Rama, beloved of all, reside forever in my heart.


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