After Falling Down

When attempt in material life to make,
Against bhakti, great risk to take.

To turn back not guaranteed then,
Unknown when to feel inspired again.

Better to continue forward even though,
Impurities or weakness of heart so.

With attention to duty progress to come,
In the highest stage having duties none.


Critical Analysis

Task of biography writing to take,
In literary world critical analysis to make.

Not like sycophant praise only giving,
Judging objectively how person living.

For Bhagavad-gita on Arjuna’s authority rely,
He having most critical and objective eye.

Authorities of Narada and Vyasa with opinion concur,
For proper understanding to parampara defer.

Eternally Liberated

Previously as maidservant’s son Narada came,
Through prasadam from sages liberated became.

Doesn’t mean that conditioned was he,
Since from obstruction was free.

For nitya-baddha nowhere to find,
A point of devotion in time’s long line.

For nitya-siddha liberation is there,
Life of devotion residence is where.