Source of Excitement

In a mood of honesty here I sit,

So one thing I’m forced to admit.


As so many days of life have faded,

My outlook now has become jaded.


Same allurements don’t do it for me,

A pattern of boring repetition is all I see.


True towards all with one exception,

For him mind gives warmest reception.


By his name and words seeing,

Apathy then quickly retreating.


Hanuman this heart into happiness sends,

Vows to think of him daily, from start to end.


My Hanuman

Shri Hanuman is very brave,

With speed the day he comes to save.


Of Sita and Rama very well he knows,

Whether chanting or fighting, full devotion he shows.


An ideal example to devotees gives,

On how their lives should be lived.


God’s power no excuse for you to rest,

With action put your devotion to the test.


For resting on laurels Hanuman would not be faulted,

For from efforts in Lanka he is most exalted.


But humility in him that is clear,

To devotee’s makes him more dear.


To serve Sita and Rama he’s always ready,

On that beloved Hanuman keep your mind steady.

Unprecedented Task

Never before of anyone was this asked,

Like with what Shri Hanuman was tasked.


“Scour the earth to do this work for me,

Find my wife and from fear set her free.”


Unknown to him was Sita, but no matter,

Still never hopes of Rama or monkeys to shatter.


Little information was he provided,

But success’s hopes in him twas decided.


So much responsibility in Hanuman invested,

By demon and demigod alike to be tested.


Not until success would he rest,

Never forget him, of servants the best.

Riddled With Doubt

Riddled is my mind presently with doubt,

Keep this association or should I live without?


This uncertainty to eat me alive,

Time moving slow, how will I survive?


Let me think of Shri Hanuman instead,

May eyes and ears to his activities be led.


On the sound of his name ears to feed,

And pages of Ramayana daily to read.


Risk that doubt may still not go away,

But at least with Hanuman I will stay.

My Life and Soul

This one request, if I may say,

That with Hanuman I prefer to stay.


Knowing full well unworthy of this honor,

Why Ramadutta’s concentration to bother?


But from name alone to give smile to my face,

Right path in life his deeds to trace.


Devotion to Rama, the right way I know,

Follow it purely and to Him we’ll go.


But Hanuman brings Lakshmana and Sita the wife,

Thus by him alone complete is my life.


Beg for at least Hanuman in thought,

Who life-giving herb to Lakshmana brought.

Immeasurable Strength

Armed with immeasurable strength,
For Rama ready to go any length.

After plight of King Sugriva he told,
On shoulders Rama and Lakshmana to hold.

To reach Lanka leaping through air,
To find princess of beauty so fair.

With the wicked Rakshasas he fought,
Hint of their future demise he brought.

From strength in devotion highest stature to earn,
Sita and Rama’s welfare his only concern.

The Two-Sided Weapon

That Rama shoots arrows know,

Towards His enemies they go.


But His servants also fly,

When in aiding Rama they try.


They carry weapon that is two-sided,

Like when Rama in Hanuman confided.


Like an arrow through wind shot,

To shores of Lanka Hanuman got.


Pain for Rakshasas sent,

But also to Sita he went.


He carried Rama’s message with strength,

To please the Lord he’ll go to any length.



Sweetest Sounds

Wherever he goes name of Narayana he chants,

Forget the Supreme Lord Narada Muni can’t.


Because boasting of singing prowess so bold,

To visit Hanuman one time he was told.


In Mahavira’s cave sounds never before heard,

Transcendental emotions in Narada stirred.


Great respect for Ramadutta he earned,

Of Sankat Mochan’s singing ability he learned.


Shri Hanuman, why keep those sounds from me?

I’m in need of your help, can’t you see?


Whether here or not, you I will not forget,

For on honoring you my heart is set.



Invest With Confidence

From Sugriva he passed every test,

And Rama with him hopes to invest.


Before entry into Lord’s camp he got,

In Hanuman’s words Vibhishana took stock.


Later Hanuman came to Lakshmana’s rescue,

So why don’t you trust him too?


A courageous savior like him there are none,

Invest in him for your worries to be done.


Chant holy names through his leadership,

And then the sweet nectar of devotion sip.



Hearing About Hanuman

To communicate eloquently you worry,

So to write so much you’re in a hurry.


What new idea will I come up with today?

The same thing in a new way let me say.


To compile so much why care?

Just relax and pull up a chair.


Hear only one line of his communication,

And watch your worry’s elimination.


So much available to you,

His words, thoughts and deeds too.


The best is to hear from Tulsidas praise,

Because in his heart Hanuman always stays.


In Hanuman’s triumphs rejoice,

And then improved will be your voice.