Brahma’s Amazement

Father of all the creatures is Lord Brahma, both in sea and on land,

Yet how Shri Rama can be so beautiful, creator cannot understand.


Elements material taking and of creatures molding are his fun,

Yet Rama’s qualities are like none other’s, where from did they come?


 “Is He created from me, from my hand?” does Brahma think,

Darshana of Shri Rama so wonderful, one dare not blink,


Of the three material modes, passion does he control,

In his mind, the vision of Shri Rama does Brahma hold.


“To populate the earth and its creatures was the burden assigned to me,

But from looking at Rama’s smiling face my anxieties are set free.”


For Rama’s transcendental form, of elements Brahma did use the best,

All other creatures, both of beauty and charm, were formed from the rest.


To match the length of Brahma’s day the clock of creation is tightly wound,

In the fourteen bhuvanas to match Shri Rama in beauty not one to be found.


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