Seeing Through Darkness

Rakshasas of vileness stark,

Covered by mode of ignorance dark.


Having face like the full moon,

Rescue from Ramachandra to come soon?


On this in Lanka Sita Devi thought,

As Hanuman news of Him brought.


By even more ignorance know that I’m covered,

Hope now that Rama’s name I’ve discovered.


Kill The Light

With your powers stark,
Choose to attack in the dark.

Prefer to range in the night,
So to innocent out of sight.

But when Rama’s wife you took,
From slumber your destiny shook.

When your body with Rama’s arrows filled,
Then light of your reign of terror killed.

Thought you were safe in life of sin,
But against Rama you can never win.

Freed From This Frightening Dream

Sugriva, of the monkeys was king,
But in sibling feud lost everything.

Of brother Vali lived in fear,
Causing towards Rishyamukha to steer.

From superior force unable to defend,
Worried that each day his life to end.

From this horrible dream to be free,
Only when Shri Rama he would see.

As remover of fears Hari is known,
This in friendship with Sugriva shown.

Dasharatha’s son shot Vali in the back,
Monkey getting his kingdom and wife back.

Rama’s Wonderful Brothers

Vishnu as sons, boon to Dasharatha so rare,

After birth four brothers broke off into pairs.


Shatrughna with Bharata, Lakshmana to Rama’s side,

In felicity of youth brothers to reside.


Without Rama Lakshmana not to take a meal,

No rest either no matter how tired he feels.


From these vows know that no one more loyal,

Lakshmana renounced despite living life royal.


Rama this dedication joyfully accepted,

Sincere love to God never rejected.


Loyalty towards Lakshmana and brothers have the same,

Whether asleep or awake, keep in your heart their names.

No One Else

“Devotion reserved for those not smart,

Towards enlightenment gives them a start.


Supposed to worship God alone,

Without need of deity in temple or home.


Perhaps this person may be more attractive,

To ascend the chain of rasas is the directive.”


These and many philosophies to hear,

Some closer to truth and others not near.


But only on one person I rely,

Service to anyone other never I’ll try.


Call me foolish or stupid, I don’t care,

Only upon Shri Rama I will stare.


Hanuman this system has authorized,

Than to him, none more wise.


Try to move me elsewhere and you’ll fail,

Rama my only Lord, of famed Ramayana tale.


Sita, Rama, Lakshmana are all I need,

With Hanuman in mind, worries are freed.

Protecting The Saints

“Protecting the saints I walk this forest for,

So that Rakshasas to attack them no more.


Lakshmana, to a nearby cave Sita take,

Alone the demons’ destruction I will make.


Headed by Khara they all to hit the ground,

Struck by My arrows, their lives to lay down.”


Rama’s remarkable feat in Dandaka I particularly love,

That beautiful scene may I always think of.

Rama’s Homecoming

Placed lights everywhere and all around,

The famed pushpaka soon to hit the ground.


Having been sent away for fourteen years,

Shri Rama has come back to allay our fears.


Of His struggles and triumph we have heard,

With news of his arrival our emotions now stirred.


To welcome Him let’s put more lights than can be seen,

In this darkest night of the year let Ayodhya gleam.


Destroyer of darkness, our Lord is the true light,

His return to our company to be most glorious sight.

Rama’s Birth

There once was a man named Dasharatha, Ayodhya’s king,

Endless wealth, most beautiful queens, had everything.


But one thing missing with a glare,

A son, for kingdom an heir.


To continue line king with priests grand sacrifice performed,

“Take the prasadam, divide amongst your wives,” was informed.


In due course pregnant the wives became,

Birth of eldest, a son with Rama the name.


Dasharatha with four sons, devoid of heir no longer.

Day after day, bond to Rama grew only stronger.


May that maintainer of dharma forever be with his son,

And may Rama shine His mercy on all His children, not missing a one.

Reasons for Rama’s Advent

The son of Vishrava, the world terrorizing,

Using prowess his self aggrandizing.


From this Ravana suras living in fear,

Prayed for Vishnu’s help, “The end coming near.”


They petitioned the dear Lord, beloved the most,

Obliging instantly, coming to earth with friends a host.


Appearing in Dasharatha’s family, the ruler of earth,

On the sacred day of Rama Navami, the Lord took birth.


Immunity from all attack twas the demon’s boon,

But Vishnu as a human to kill Ravana soon.


Lanka’s lord worst sinner, of tyrants a leader.

And God annihilates miscreants according to Gita’s speaker.


As son of Dasharatha the Lord to fulfill His promise,

To end Ravana’s reign, to suras returning happiness.

Kind and Sweet

In front of His murti take your seat,
Take comfort from His smile so sweet.

No one in the world is more kind,
Knows exactly what’s in your mind.

To you the whole world He’ll give,
If in devotion to Him you live.

From enemy attack He’ll defend,
A helping hand also He’ll lend.

So your eyes to His vision send,
And on His mercy only depend.