Supplication To Rama

Ticket to spiritual world and alleviation of distress found through His feet,

His glories, wonders, fame and pastimes on devotion’s mrdanga constantly beat.


The smile to defeat pride of thousands of cupid on His face,

Elimination of sufferings from countless births through His divine grace.


Around the body, bluish in hue, is found the sacred thread,

Of all the forms of God He is at the head.


Hair is beautiful, eyes like lotus petals, and arms that are long,

Consuming His endless glories, saints compose countless songs.


To Lakshmana, Hanuman and Sita He is dear,

Only by remembering Him can one eliminate fear.


Rama has nothing to do and is always smiling,

For those who know Your true nature, You are their only darling.


Look upon me as Your foolish son trying his best, from my mind remove the haze,

Please bless me Shri Rama, so that Your qualities and fame I may always praise.


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