Why Is He Smiling

Shri Rama always wears a smile on His face,

For eyes of the distressed a most charming resting place.


Rama is always so happy, but why is it so?

What does He see, can one even know?


Perhaps it is the charming grace of Sita, His wife,

Who knows no other except Rama, the love of her life.


Perhaps it is the loyal Lakshmana always standing by,

Who from the side of his brother no one can pry.


Perhaps it is the brave Hanuman always willing to serve,

For his service to Rama supreme honor he does deserve.


These friends of Rama do surely give a clue,

Into the cause for His happiness, for His never feeling blue.


Rama’s smile is augmented by His beautiful body, of bluish hue,

May I always delight in that image, for a smile it brings to me too.


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