Shri Sankat Mochan

I worship Sankat Mochan, the remover of all fears,

To Shri Ramachandra, there is no one more dear.


I meditate on Hanuman, his beauty and form,

Remember him daily, make that the norm.


When going to Lanka, on his mind he did rely,

Surasa and Simhika, their powers he did belie.


To Rama’s devotees forever their hero,

Enraged at Ravana, turned Lanka to zero.


I pray that I may see him here, there and everywhere,

He who is dear to Sugriva, Angada and Jambavan the bear.


Without thinking of Sita and Rama he never lets pass a day,

In thought, word and deed he worships them in every way.


The example of devotion he sets, the path to happiness he makes clear,

To me Shri Sankat Mochan, the beloved of Rama, is forever dear.


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