Making Radha Kunda

“O Krishna, the fight against Aristasura You did win,

But by killing a bull You incurred a mighty sin.”


Hearing this from Radha, the love of His life,

Krishna replied, “Okay, suppose you are right?


What shall I do now?  What do the shastras say?

Tell Me how the sin of killing a bull I may drive away.”


To this replied Vrishabanu’s daughter,

“You must take bath in a sacred water.”


Hearing this, Krishna used His foot to make a hole in the ground,

Mother Ganga rushing to fill the area, new tirtha was found.


Not to be outdone, Radha and the gopis, using a print left by the bull,

Dug their own pond, summoned sacred rivers to make it full.


Then using His flute, Krishna let loose the waters from Shyama Kunda,

So that it would touch His beloved new pond named Radha Kunda.


In the newly created ponds Krishna did swim,

Forever dear are Radha and her pool to Him.


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