Playing With Cows

Young Krishna and Balarama are growing up,

Crawl can they now after learning to sit up.


On the sacred earth of Vrindavana they crawl,

With their childish sports the gopis’ hearts they enthrall.


In the morning mothers smear saffron powder on each body,

But from playing during the day, they return home all muddy.


Ah, what do young Krishna and Balarama spot up ahead,

But a flock of beautiful cows, living comfortably in their shed.


Crawling near to the cows, Krishna grabs one by the tail,

Tries to use it to stand up, like a mountain to scale.


Feeling the pressure, away like the wind the cow does scurry,

Carries Krishna across the muddy field in a hurry,


Watching the fun, the gopis take tremendous delight,

Like this Yashoda’s son daily brings joy to their life.


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