Smothered In Tragedy

Daily troubles, by responsibilities bothered,

Nothing goes my way, in tragedy smothered.


Just this one thing for happiness I think,

When it fails, into further despair I sink.


For my troubles are all else to blame?

Their fault is my dwelling in failure’s shame?


My misfortune to help if one thing understood,

To be humbled into willful submission to Him is good.


O mind, know that Shri Rama your only true friend,

Always there to give shade, your wounds to mend.


Tulsi, Hanuman, Sita and so many others already know,

In devotional service, their love for Him only to grow.


Why then on this matter remaining obstinate?

To have even heard of Rama makes you fortunate.


Your thoughts, words and deeds of this life to Him give,

And try no more your soul, in peacefulness live.


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