Reasons for Rama’s Advent

The son of Vishrava, the world terrorizing,

Using prowess his self aggrandizing.


From this Ravana suras living in fear,

Prayed for Vishnu’s help, “The end coming near.”


They petitioned the dear Lord, beloved the most,

Obliging instantly, coming to earth with friends a host.


Appearing in Dasharatha’s family, the ruler of earth,

On the sacred day of Rama Navami, the Lord took birth.


Immunity from all attack twas the demon’s boon,

But Vishnu as a human to kill Ravana soon.


Lanka’s lord worst sinner, of tyrants a leader.

And God annihilates miscreants according to Gita’s speaker.


As son of Dasharatha the Lord to fulfill His promise,

To end Ravana’s reign, to suras returning happiness.


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