No One Else

“Devotion reserved for those not smart,

Towards enlightenment gives them a start.


Supposed to worship God alone,

Without need of deity in temple or home.


Perhaps this person may be more attractive,

To ascend the chain of rasas is the directive.”


These and many philosophies to hear,

Some closer to truth and others not near.


But only on one person I rely,

Service to anyone other never I’ll try.


Call me foolish or stupid, I don’t care,

Only upon Shri Rama I will stare.


Hanuman this system has authorized,

Than to him, none more wise.


Try to move me elsewhere and you’ll fail,

Rama my only Lord, of famed Ramayana tale.


Sita, Rama, Lakshmana are all I need,

With Hanuman in mind, worries are freed.


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