Then Show Me

The principles of bhakti on how to live,

Do the merciful gurus to us give.


From that sublime and glorious wisdom,

Comes knowledge of how to reach God’s kingdom.


Those who write from the principles they know,

Cause the guru’s glories and fame to infinitely grow.


An example is Janaki Mangala, which Tulsidas did write,

Brings the marriage of Sita and Rama to anyone’s sight.


Story already told many times before,

In Puranas and Ramayana’s verses galore.


Poet sung the song in his own way,

To show that guru’s words in his mind did stay.


When the Lord of creatures is to the heart pleased,

Success of devotee’s efforts is always guaranteed.


The glories of guru extend through disciple’s words,

Which heal the troubled souls travelling the three worlds.


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