Good Day To Be Alive

The poet to embark on writing marriage story,

Of Sita and Rama, endowed with every glory.


The self-choice ceremony held on a good day,

Auspiciousness with listener to stay.


Man to love stories given to hearing,

Which in mind creates visions worth seeing.


Apply same technique but to the Supreme Lord,

Reservoir for divine service in heart is stored.


Story of wedding where Rama did win Sita’s hand,

Was so known to everyone across the land.


Yet still Anasuya to hear it again wanted,

Love for divine couple in her heart implanted.


To have Janaki and Rama in his vision,

To write song Tulsidas made the decision.


Svayamvara is where the story does start,

Hearing of which Sita and Rama stay in the heart.


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