Collection of Good Qualities

Not all requests will the good father grant,

If harm will come, to son he will say, “I can’t”.


Shri Rama, the Supreme Lord, follows the same tact,

That He is Bhagavan, full of fortune, is a known fact.


If you want temporary rewards, demigods you should ask,

Unconcerned with motive, giving boons is their task.


Through time, the real religion man does forget,

Concocts dharmas and thinks they are the best.


Fruit of existence is the Supreme Lord’s association,

Comes from a sound vibration and its glorification.


Follow the formula of Tulsidas, a poet and devotee of Rama,

Chant the name with love, and collect all good qualities as alms.


Have trust and confidence in the name,

Like Shri Hanuman, of glorious fame.


Those who follow this formula have all their needs met,

By remembering Rama’s name, internal bliss they get.


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