What Rama Gives

Shri Rama, of Raghu’s fame,

So glorious is His name.


From the Supreme Lord He is not different,

Yet still in honoring Him we are hesitant.


To many Rama granted wonderful boons in the past,

On serving His lotus feet their efforts were cast.


In material estimation, as turncoat Vibhishana was the biggest,

Renounced his brother Ravana, in favor of Rama the kindest.


Received from the Lord the kingdom of Lanka in an instant,

Ravana’s demise sealed through Rama’s arrows flying constant.


Sugriva, plagued by the fear of Vali his brother,

Through Rama regained his kingdom, no more worry to bother.


Hanuman received fame through Shri Rama’s grace,

Jatayu salvation by looking at the Lord’s face.


As God Himself, what is there that Rama cannot give?

Yet Tulsidas wants only with love for holy name to live.


This gift is granted to anyone if their heart is pure,

Chant Rama’s name always, His love you’ll have for sure.


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