Destroy of Tormenters

Dasharatha, of Ayodhya he was king,

In old age tormented by just one thing.


No son to carry on the family name, to deliver him from hell,

To the scene came Rama, aside Dasharatha’s worries fell.


Sugriva, the king of monkeys, never could attain peace of mind,

Fearing that Vali, his brother, would a way to kill him find,


Though in fighting prowess no one was Vali’s match,

Defeat him did Rama with arrows from bow He did dispatch.


Ravana, king of Lanka, with his ghastly vision everyone would scare,

Vibhishana, given to piety, his brother’s sins no longer could bear.


To the Lord’s camp he went, savior of the fallen he found,

Surrendering to Shri Rama, king of Lanka he was crowned.


My mind filled with torments, doubts and fears,

My call for help I hope Shri Rama hears.


A surrendered soul Rama never turns away,

So within my heart may He always stay.


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