Protector In Kali Yuga

The time period of quarrel and hypocrisy,

People filled with anger and jealousy.


In this horrible age of Kali,

Principles of dharma to sully.


Yet for those looking for ways to cope,

There is only one remedy, just one hope.


To remove your fears and get rid of your grief,

Chant the name of Shri Rama with firm belief.


A long time back a demon king havoc he did wreak,

Named Hiranyakashipu, had no mercy on the weak.


Even his own five-year old son Prahlada he did attack,

With deadliest weapons his devotion to God he hoped to sack.


But Prahlada did not die, protected was he from every attempt and every trap,

Until finally Narahari came and killed Hiranyakashipu on His lap.


In similar fashion, Shri Rama’s name attacks Kali Yuga’s influence,

Just like Prahlada, chant it with faith and full confidence.


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