It Only Rains On Me

If in the Supreme Lord of creatures you do believe,

Follow sacrifices and rituals, rewards to receive.

Pious around the world take their seat on church pew,

Every Sunday worship God, pray for benedictions they do.

Vedic tradition calls for yajna, demigods to please,

Sit around pit of fire, drop oblations of ghee with ease.

Yet of all rituals and rites is Vishnu the enjoyer,

Supreme Godhead, of misfortunes He is the destroyer.

One who worships Him through chanting His name,

The Lord’s favor and company they gain.

Rama means the Lord who gives transcendental pleasure,

His vision so sublime, His name the saints treasure.

Tulsidas says do japa of Rama’s name with full attention,

Harbor love for the holy name, give to it your affection.

By this formula does the Creator become favorable,

Lord Brahma, who in his rewards can be most charitable.

If one is unfortunate karma will always cause them pain,

But luck even they can find by chanting Rama’s name.

By avoiding bhakti, rituals may or may not help us.

But Rama can favor even those without any luck.


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