Following Authority

To accept instructions of others we hesitate,

For why on holy name should we meditate?


Their authority and audacity to teach come from where?

Tell me what to do, whom to worship, how do they dare?


Tulsidas says that name of Rama removes all sin,

Gives all auspiciousness at the same time, a win win.


That God could do this for His devotees makes sense,

Accept these words with your mind, no need for defense.


From skepticism in power of the holy name we doubt,

Therefore take authority of Shiva, who has the greatest clout.


Trust the Vedas if him you don’t want to believe,

The Puranas too, on their pages Rama’s name to retrieve.


Tulsidas makes claims that are true in their own right,

Yet cites authority to give his words more might.


Follow the prescription and the name constantly chant,

To you happiness and freedom from sin God will grant.


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