My Birthday

Today is my birthday,

A time of great celebration.

Though all the gifts come my way,

Care not I for the commotion.


You see, for me there is but one day worth celebrating,

Though it comes once a year, daily it I’m remembering.


Appeared in the city of Ayodhya did the Lord of all, Shri Ramachandra,

Became He the eldest son of the King Dasharatha, the ruler of dharma.


On that day, happy and festive were all,

Songs from the Vedas and Puranas the bards did sing.

A brand new baby, a vision for the heart to enthrall,

Lord Rama, from her womb mother Kausalya did bring.


Here on my birthday, I honor the best of Raghu’s clan,

Keep the Lord of Tulsidas forever in my heart, that is my plan.


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