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In a distant and wonderful land far, far away,

Did the jivas and their beloved reside.

But from the constitutional path they did stray,

The jivas their natural love for Shri Rama they set aside.


The jivas did fall, wanting their Lord to imitate,

Desiring powers, enjoyments and delights.

To reside in species that number in the millions over eight,

Taking birth in a land not nearly as bright.


Here, there, and everywhere are pretenders prevalent,

O Lord, “In this world there is no God”, many do say.

Searching for a companion like You, none are equivalent,

Thus fall terribly short do they in every way.


In beauty, strength and fame You are number one.

In renunciation, wealth and wisdom, equal to You are none.


By chanting Your name repeatedly my senses I do attack,

Bring me to Your home, O Shri Rama, so that to here I may never come back.


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