No Interest

In this world about God no one wants to hear,

If He exists at all then He is someone to fear.


Would rather talk about sports and watch the news,

Listen to music, drink beer and sing the blues.


But for me none of this does matter,

All unnecessary noise, nothing but clatter.


Whether or not the entire world in hearing about God gets bored,

To me no concern, for my lifeline is Shri Rama, Koshala’s Lord.


He is the Supreme Godhead, known as Shri Krishna too,

Body is of the shyama color, like the raincloud that is blue.


If devotion to Rama keeps me without friends, I will still live,

For chanting His name daily, my heart to Him I give.


That no one else is interested to hear about Him I do not care,

Besides Rama I have no other love in life, this with you I share.


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