How To Know

“Who is this Rama to whom you always pray?

He is God, the Supreme Lord of all you say?


But what proof do you have for your claim?

Just that He is celebrated and has great fame?”


Though there is much evidence revealing His position,

Not difficult for me to reach my decision.


Like Lakshmana in goodness you will find no other,

Rama is his Lord for life, his elder brother.


The most beautiful woman is Rama’s wife,

Sita Devi, dedicated to her husband for life.


Search far and wide and you will find none like Hanuman,

He is full of glory, and to him Rama is the only Bhagavan.


Who Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman do say,

Is God, the Lord of all, to Him I will always pray.


My faith in Rama as God no one can bust,

For the words of His friends I do forever trust.


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