Sharing the Laughter and Love

In the courtyard of King Dasharatha is Kakabhushundhi, the famous crow,

Came to this sacred place with a purpose, here and there he does go.


Watching his beloved Shri Rama in His form as a child,

Innocent play with His younger brothers, the boy seems so mild.


But in an instant, Rama chases the observing crow,

Grabbed him with His lotus hands, required not His famous bow.


Placed into Rama’s mouth, at what he saw the crow was amazed,

The universal cosmos, on the eternal sky he fixed his gaze.


“How could the entire world fit into the mouth of this youth,

Maybe He is someone special, the Supreme Absolute Truth?”


In this world and the next, all that exists the blessed crow did see,

Finally opening His mouth, the fun over, Rama set him free.


From that day forward, the crow would sing the glories of the Lord,

Shri Rama, who shares laughter and love with His friends, I ever adore.


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