Shri Rama’s Kindness

You may approach Him in any which way,

If you are sincere, He will never turn you away.


When Vishvamitra’s sacrifices the Rakshasas did harm,

To Shri Rama the sage turned, for the Lord was His charm.


When news of Rama’s exile Lakshmana came to know,

Demanded he come along, so to the forest they would go.


The wilderness not a place for a princess to roam,

To Sita the wife He said, “You must remain at home”.


The duty of wife to follow husband, the argument she did raise,

“Tending to You daily, in happiness we’ll spend all of our days.”


“With You to the forest, my dharma I will follow strictly”,

What could Shri Rama say except “Come along quickly.”


Tortured by their brothers, the burden of fear Sugriva and Vibhishana bore,

But through Shri Rama’s kindness, their troubles became no more.


To the most destitute and despaired, whose future looks bleak,

Shri Rama’s showers His kindness, granting life-giving relief.


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