You Can Always Go To Rama

Never a single soul, either large or small, does Shri Rama ever bother.

And yet all can approach Him, as to every creature He is their father.


“Protect us from rogues and thieves”, do the sages say,

In a blink of an eye, those demons Shri Rama drives away.


Heaps of gold and provisions do the kings seek, an endless supply,

Their wishes granted and worries removed because on Shri Rama they rely.


Wanting their siddhis, to Shri Rama the meditational yogis go,

To them He grants perfections, more than they can even know.


But what does Shri Rama want, will He ever reveal?

For calm is His demeanor and His resolve made of steel.


For fourteen years He left for the forest at His father’s command,

And for Sugriva he slayed Vali with the arrow released from His hand.


As everyone already approaches Him, I ask for only one thing,

May He forever reside in my heart, and may His glories I always sing.


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