Rama the Renouncer

The kingdom of Ayodhya You did forsake,

For King Dasharatha’s honor to maintain.

Brother Lakshmana and wife Sita You did take,

For fourteen years Your presence the forest to gain.


For neither riches, nor wealth, nor kingdom’s glory do You care,

To You, the wealthiest, what can the gifts of the world ever measure?

Living in the forest fruits and roots were Your fare,

The company of Sita and Lakshmana You forever treasure.


After Ayodhya ruling for thousands of years,

Gave up the company of Sita Your wife.

A tough decision it was, for it brought You many a tear,

But to maintaining dharma You did give your life.


Though the greatest renunciate You are, the heart of devotees You can never leave,

To Your glory, honor, fame and holy name we forever cleave.


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