Breaking the Bow

Muni following,

To Janakpur He gets,

On raising Shiva’s bow His sights are set.


Many princes there,

To lift the bow they try,

But only Shri Rama bounds of logic to defy.


With full strength,

From heaven sent,

To marry beloved Sita only Shri Rama is meant.


Bow in hand,

Torn asunder,

Spell of transcendental charm all are under.


Sita and Rama’s coming together most beautiful tale,

Their glories the Vaishnavas saints always to hail.

It Only Rains On Me

If in the Supreme Lord of creatures you do believe,

Follow sacrifices and rituals, rewards to receive.

Pious around the world take their seat on church pew,

Every Sunday worship God, pray for benedictions they do.

Vedic tradition calls for yajna, demigods to please,

Sit around pit of fire, drop oblations of ghee with ease.

Yet of all rituals and rites is Vishnu the enjoyer,

Supreme Godhead, of misfortunes He is the destroyer.

One who worships Him through chanting His name,

The Lord’s favor and company they gain.

Rama means the Lord who gives transcendental pleasure,

His vision so sublime, His name the saints treasure.

Tulsidas says do japa of Rama’s name with full attention,

Harbor love for the holy name, give to it your affection.

By this formula does the Creator become favorable,

Lord Brahma, who in his rewards can be most charitable.

If one is unfortunate karma will always cause them pain,

But luck even they can find by chanting Rama’s name.

By avoiding bhakti, rituals may or may not help us.

But Rama can favor even those without any luck.

Following Authority

To accept instructions of others we hesitate,

For why on holy name should we meditate?


Their authority and audacity to teach come from where?

Tell me what to do, whom to worship, how do they dare?


Tulsidas says that name of Rama removes all sin,

Gives all auspiciousness at the same time, a win win.


That God could do this for His devotees makes sense,

Accept these words with your mind, no need for defense.


From skepticism in power of the holy name we doubt,

Therefore take authority of Shiva, who has the greatest clout.


Trust the Vedas if him you don’t want to believe,

The Puranas too, on their pages Rama’s name to retrieve.


Tulsidas makes claims that are true in their own right,

Yet cites authority to give his words more might.


Follow the prescription and the name constantly chant,

To you happiness and freedom from sin God will grant.

What Rama Gives

Shri Rama, of Raghu’s fame,

So glorious is His name.


From the Supreme Lord He is not different,

Yet still in honoring Him we are hesitant.


To many Rama granted wonderful boons in the past,

On serving His lotus feet their efforts were cast.


In material estimation, as turncoat Vibhishana was the biggest,

Renounced his brother Ravana, in favor of Rama the kindest.


Received from the Lord the kingdom of Lanka in an instant,

Ravana’s demise sealed through Rama’s arrows flying constant.


Sugriva, plagued by the fear of Vali his brother,

Through Rama regained his kingdom, no more worry to bother.


Hanuman received fame through Shri Rama’s grace,

Jatayu salvation by looking at the Lord’s face.


As God Himself, what is there that Rama cannot give?

Yet Tulsidas wants only with love for holy name to live.


This gift is granted to anyone if their heart is pure,

Chant Rama’s name always, His love you’ll have for sure.

Collection of Good Qualities

Not all requests will the good father grant,

If harm will come, to son he will say, “I can’t”.


Shri Rama, the Supreme Lord, follows the same tact,

That He is Bhagavan, full of fortune, is a known fact.


If you want temporary rewards, demigods you should ask,

Unconcerned with motive, giving boons is their task.


Through time, the real religion man does forget,

Concocts dharmas and thinks they are the best.


Fruit of existence is the Supreme Lord’s association,

Comes from a sound vibration and its glorification.


Follow the formula of Tulsidas, a poet and devotee of Rama,

Chant the name with love, and collect all good qualities as alms.


Have trust and confidence in the name,

Like Shri Hanuman, of glorious fame.


Those who follow this formula have all their needs met,

By remembering Rama’s name, internal bliss they get.

Don’t Waste A Day

Not a single day should one waste,

Without using the tongue for its taste.


Not of food or drink we speak,

But of the transcendental world we seek.


On this and every other day,

Name of Rama constantly say.


With His sweet smiling face He stands,

Carrying illustrious bow and arrow in His hands.


In front of this image take your seat,

Elixir for the eyes, never find a vision more sweet.


Holding beads in fingers just relax,

Recite the name with love, to the world turn your back.


Once the day is gone never again to retrieve,

So love Rama today, in His name do you believe.

The Dramatic Play

That earth will be gone don’t be sad,

This creation not the first one we’ve had.


Just like the sun does daily set and rise,

The universe comes and goes know the wise.


In second time period, Treta the age,

Arrives Rama to play hero on center stage.


Delivering the pious and punishing the evil,

In His sportive feats the devotees revel.


To relate to us mortals plagued by sadness,

Rama sometimes does even show weakness.


With Sita and Lakshmana He travels,

At Hanuman His servant everyone marvels.


O mind which drama and cinema loves to watch,

Remember Rama’s activities, and rebirth you will stop.

Your Family

Endless fun time with family now gone,

Because of life’s days passing on.


Everyone so busy, we hardly see each other,

Separated in distance from sister and brother.


Yet lament not, O lonely heart,

There is one friend who will never depart.


His name is Shri Rama, of Raghu’s clan.

Always smiling and carrying a bow in His hand.


He is your father, mother and friend.

Your ears to His katha lend.


Hear of Rama, Lakshmana and Sita,

And don’t forget Hanuman, destroyer of Lanka.


Their image in your heart you can own,

Remember them daily and you’ll never be alone.

Why Is He Smiling

Shri Rama always wears a smile on His face,

For eyes of the distressed a most charming resting place.


Rama is always so happy, but why is it so?

What does He see, can one even know?


Perhaps it is the charming grace of Sita, His wife,

Who knows no other except Rama, the love of her life.


Perhaps it is the loyal Lakshmana always standing by,

Who from the side of his brother no one can pry.


Perhaps it is the brave Hanuman always willing to serve,

For his service to Rama supreme honor he does deserve.


These friends of Rama do surely give a clue,

Into the cause for His happiness, for His never feeling blue.


Rama’s smile is augmented by His beautiful body, of bluish hue,

May I always delight in that image, for a smile it brings to me too.

Hear the Name

During chanting, the name I try to hear,

Blocks away every stray thought and fear.


With Rama’s name comes His sweet smile,

Enchanting in the transcendental style.


With Rama’s name comes Sita His wife,

Image of their marriage the most pleasant sight.


With Rama’s name comes Lakshmana the brave,

Example of fearlessness and steady devotion he gave.


With Rama’s name comes Hanuman the dedicated,

Crossed the vast ocean, city of Lanka he devastated.


With Rama’s name comes Valmiki the sage,

Whose Ramayana is filled with beauty on every page.


Just by hearing the name all of this you will see,

So chant it every day and happy you will be.